please answer the following questions below

Directions: Please answer the following questions below. Your answers should be shared not with other students in the course. Refer to the Race/Ethnicity/Racism (White Supremacy) readings as you develop your responses: Introduction (pp. 56-65), #8 (pp. 65-68), and #9 (pp. 68-73).( I’ve attached them )

1. When the authors wrote “Colonization of the Mind,” what were they referring to?

2. Describe the experience of the Irish in the Market Revolution.

3. How does David Wellman describe prejudice and racism?

This question is OPTIONAL and will not be counted toward the grade of this assignment:

4. Complete each of the following steps: ( I did It and the results are down )

a. Please read about the Implicit Association Test (IAT) [ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.]

b. Next, click on “Take a Test” at the top of the page after reading about the IAT on the above page.

c. After completion, write the results of your performance and briefly describe your personal reaction to your results

This is the result

Your data suggest a strong automatic preference for Arab Muslims over Other People.

Your result is described as an “Automatic preference for Arab Muslims” if you were faster responding when Arab Muslims and Good are assigned to the same response key than when Other People and Good were classified with the same key. Your score is described as an “Automatic preference for Other People” if the opposite occurred.

Your automatic association may be described as “slight”, “moderate”, “strong”, or “no association”. This indicates the strength of your automatic association.

The IAT requires a certain number of correct responses in order to get results. If you made too many errors while completing the test you will get the feedback that there were too many errors to determine a result.

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