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Your client is looking forward to the development of the Web application according to the agreed upon timeline. According to the timeline, the next step is to develop the user interface and a working calculator with validation.

  • User interface with working navigation for each of the 5 pages; setup according to the information architecture document presented in Unit 1.
  • Content on the homepage only; content for the remaining pages will be developed in Units 3-5.
  • Use a client-side script to develop a calculator with validation appropriate to the topic of the proposed Web application.
    • Example: If you have a Donut Shop, the calculator could compute the cost of the donuts based on the number of donuts ordered and the type of donut.
  • Popup window with either information or a coupon when a user clicks on a link.
  • Slideshow with a minimum of 5 images relating the topic of the Web application.

Please submit your assignment.

If applicable, adhere to APA guidelines when creating in-text citations and references. Your assignment should be free of grammatical errors, use complete sentences, and give specific details that support your statements.

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