police crime control strategies 1

A minimum of 1,000 words (total assignment) and three scholarly sources. The references does not count towards the word count!!

If you ONLY do the minimum word count, then it is considered “average” work, which is a “C”; therefore, it is best to make sure you cover the topics well and not just do enough to meet the minimum number of words.

1. In what ways is the role of community policing specialist evolving? What factors are driving changes in the role?

2. What factors limit the utility of police sting and reverse sting operations?

3. Low-crime, stable neighborhoods, and stable apartment complexes should engender what types of police crime approaches? How does this contrast with approaches used in high-crime stressed neighborhoods and apartment complexes?

4.Why are downtown commercial districts so frequently problematic for the police? What approaches to the problems appear to be most effective?

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