professional communication and critical thinking skills

Professional Communication and Critical Thinking Skills

This program has stressed both the use of APA formatting and the development of your critical thinking skills. You have had numerous assignments that required you to work on these proficiencies. However, disciplined writing and critical thinking are just two of the proficiencies needed to be an effective communicator. You must also be able to communicate your thoughts and ideas in a straightforward, professional manner and develop evidence-based arguments that will persuade or inform your audience as you intend.

As you prepare for this Discussion, reflect on what you have learned throughout your program about presenting and communicating your ideas and arguments. In all of your courses, the proper use of APA has been stressed. Consider the importance of using APA and other professional writing guides and how they help you process information and effectively present your ideas. Think about an example from your previous coursework where you used APA and critical thinking. How did these elements help you make your argument?

Now, think about a time when you had to communicate an idea to someone you work with or when you had to present to your boss. How did you strengthen your idea? Did you have evidence (information) to support it? How did you use that information? Where did you find it? Credibility in the workplace requires that you know your facts and you base your decisions on credible information.

Now post your answer to the following:

  • How can elements of disciplined writing, such as evidence of critical thinking, the use of APA, and the use of credible resources and evidence be effectively applied by managers to better succeed in their role? Provide two examples from your experience as a manager or employee where these skills were evident and describe how they made a difference.
  • Describe the importance of having the right information or compelling evidence when you build your case in your writing. What role does research and evidence play in being an effective manager?
  • How important do you think communication is to a manager? What role does it play in effective management?
  • Be sure to support your response with evidence and information you found from the readings in this program or research you have done in the library. Recall, a scholarly response means that you have effectively incorporated relevant and credible research.

All work in APA format with proper citing!


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