proposal to conduct research

Your supervisor is still undecided about a company Web site and blog; therefore, you think doing some research will provide you with the facts you need to convince him and even upper management. 


For this assignment, you will write a memo, format on pp. 266, 267, proposing to conduct research in support of your topic choice for the formal, illustrated  persuasive report, assignment 5. . First, you must identify the primary and secondary decision makers, the person or persons who have the authority to make the change or solution you will request in assignment 5.  Next, clearly state what the problem is and request permission to perform research into company Web sites and blogs, Then, present the benefits you think both of them will bring to the company. (Use these headings Decision Makers, The Problem, Permission to Conduct Research, Benefits, Conclusion. based on the  bold-faced phrases to structure and open up the proposal.)  Finally, to support your request, you must include at least three references from print or Web articles that contain relevant information.  These references will be listed at the end of proposal using the APA formats contained on pp.432,438 and in the conference APA for online sources and  for print ones.  No other formats or just Web addresses (URLs )will be be accepted,.

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