recruiting inside vs outside case study

With adequate notice and with the knowledge of his staff, the manager of information systems left the hospital to take a position elsewhere. Within the department it was assumed that Mr. Smith—“Smitty” to everyone—would move up from his senior position and become manager. But even with the passage of a full week no appointment had been made.

One week became several weeks. The vice president to whom the information systems group normally reported began to make administrative decisions for information systems. To Smitty was left the growing task of overseeing the functions of the group in addition to performing his regular work.

The department’s employees became aware that the hospital was advertising for an information systems manager and that interviews were being conducted at a fairly high level. However, nobody was hired. Finally, after the group had been six months without a manager, Smitty was elevated to manager and was immediately authorized to hire a replacement for his old position.


1. In a scenario such as that just described, what are the likely effects of leaving a supposedly important position open for so long?

2. What do you believe would be the effects of information systems personnel discovering that apparently “secret recruiting” was taking place?

3. Provide two or three possible reasons why the choice for manager reverted to Mr. Smith even though external recruiting had been pursued.

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