research proposal determinations

You have considered your research question from both a quantitative and a qualitative approach. You now need to decide which approach you will use when you write your final research proposal. You also then need to consider the ethical issues for your proposal.

Write a brief essay identifying your topic and the approach that you will use for your research. Include the following heading:

Your project name
Your name
Survey of Social Science Research Methods
Center for Distance Learning, SUNY Empire State College

Make sure that you answer the following questions in your essay:

  1. Are you writing your proposal as a qualitative or quantitative project?
  2. Why have you chosen this approach?
  3. What type of methodology will you use for your proposal?
  4. Clearly identify potential ethical issues for your project. How will you ensure voluntary participation? (If you are planning to use a consent form, draft one as a part of this assignment.) What potential harm may come to the participant? How will you address issues of anonymity and confidentiality?

Your essay should be a well-written, academic document that you will use as your introduction to your research proposal.

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