stand alone professional presentation and handout

For this assignment activity you will create a Stand-alone Presentation using either Prezi or PowerPoint (your choice) and an effective one-page handout. Refer to pages 403-423 in Chapter 11 and Figure 11.5 on page 403 to assist you in creating and designing your presentation. Refer to pages 421-422 to assist you with creating an effective handout.

The topic of your professional presentation must be Employee Engagement. You will use the findings from your previous research on the topic. Before you shared your research findings in a two-page essay. Now you will share your research findings in a professional presentation.

Your presentation must include the following:

Title Slide – this includes the title of your presentation, your name, and date.

Agenda slide – this includes headings and slide numbers.

Headings – include headings to indicate what you are presenting on each slide.

Slide #’s – add slide numbers to each of your slides after the Title Slide.

Transition slides – these should be placed between major sections.

Color and Visuals – use color and visual aids (e.g., images, graphics, etc.).

In-Text Citations and Reference Page – cite any sources on the individual slides and then include a Reference Slide at the end of your presentation.

Your presentation must be a minimum of 12 slides, which includes your title slide, agenda slide, transition slides, conclusion slide, and references.

Conclusion Slide – this is your final slide that summarizes the presentation and provides information on next steps.

Handout – in addition to your presentation that you create in Prezi or PowerPoint you also need to create an effective one-page handout in Microsoft Word.

Handout must include a section for note-taking.

Remember to check your presentation and handout for correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Also, evaluate the format of your presentation and the readability of your handout before submitting.

Submit this presentation and handout as two separate attachments to the dropbox “LP07 Assignment: Stand-alone Professional Presentation and Handout.” You can navigate to this dropbox by clicking the “next” arrow at the top right of your screen. Note: If you create your Professional Presentation in Prezi you will need to provide a link to your presentation in the Textbox of the LP07 dropbox. Your handout should still be developed as a Microsoft Word document and submitted separately. This assignment is worth 100 points and will be graded according to the scoring guide below.

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