watch a movie and write a think piece around 450 words

1. about the movie:Just google for the film (Amigo 2010 film) you will find it on Youtube, I also given you the movie picture, just in case. (I’ll pay you more by adding tips in the end or you can chose a way of payment,so please don’t worry! I think it is around 3.99 dollars)

2.Im not a native speaker, so please check the “my writing level” document before you start it only need to choose one question from the “question” document and answer it specifically(which means you might need quote or use a lot of details from the movie to enrich the think piece.) this is important.

4. please write down the time of the source that you get from the movie( this is just for me to understand it, dose’t have to be so formal)

thank you!


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