what is an appropriate number of nursing staff working at hospitals 9


o What is an appropriate number of nursing staff working at hospitals?

• Length: 2-3 pages (minimum 2 full pages)

• Format: The format of a submitted essay should include a cover page, 2-3 pages of text, a reference page (total there should be 4 pages minimum). You should follow APA format.

• By following APA format, your essay should include:

o Cover page: running head, title of the essay, name of the institution, your name.

o Throughout the text, there should be in-text citations (minimum 3 IN-TEXT CITATIONS published within the last 5 years).

o Reference page should be formatted according to APA style. Please refer to your Arlov textbook pages 265-267 or website: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01…

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