what is risk assessment 1

When it comes to IT security, you must do more than follow the examples of other companies, regardless of how successful they are. No two organizations will encounter exactly the same problems. The best approach to providing the best level of security is to conduct a risk assessment of your organization, identify what your assets are, what your threats are, and what the probability of the threats occurring may be. This analysis will allow you to create the network defense plan that is uniquely tailored to your organization and situation.

Conduct an inventory of devices within the chosen organization’s network using appropriate tools.

Provide a summary of the number of desktops, laptops, network printers, and servers.

Identify key assets

Assets also include records and sensitive information that requires special protection

Prioritize each assets or group of assets and assign a value to each

Create a subsection that will identify and describe the risks within the environment

Do not forget natural disasters

Include the likelihood that risk can occur

Provide a lists of the tools and methodology that you used to conduct the risks.


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