what self reflexive journal entry would you use over the topic of education in cultural anthropology class

The topic for the final research paper is Education.

I need to use the textbook as a resource as well as the two following sources:

Rosenberg, M. S., Westling, D. L., & McLeskey, J. (2008). Special education for today’s teachers: An introduction. Pearson/Merill/Prentice Hall.

Peters, M. (2016). Poststructuralism, Politics, and Education. Critical Studies in Education and Culture. Bergin and Garvey, 88 Post Road West, Westport, CT 06881..

Crapo, R. H. (2013). Cultural anthropology [Electronic version]. Retrieved from https://content.ashford.edu/

I will attach a worksheet for you to use as a reference.

Self-Reflexive Journal

In this week’s journal entry, you will critically reflect on your own beliefs and biases about your Final Research Paper topic by using the concept of self-reflexivity. Paraphrasing Crapo (2013, sec. 1.3), self-reflexivity is the process of confronting one’s own preconceived notions and examining how these may influence how one understands (or misunderstands) others. Understanding biases and beliefs about other cultures helps researchers apply cultural relativism to their work.

For this journal, consider the sources that you summarized for Part I and Part II of your paper in your “Week Three Assignment Worksheet.”

  • What was your initial response to the sources you read for your paper? Include in-text citations and full reference entries in APA format to all sources you will be using for your Final Research Paper.
  • Can you identify any biases that you might have about the cultural practices you will discuss in either Part I or Part II of your Final Research Paper?
  • Identify any problems you might be having in examining your own culture from an etic perspective or the other culture from an emic perspective. Review Miner’s article Body Ritual Among the Nacirema (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., and explain how his discussion of Americans (also known as Nacirema) will help you take an outsider’s perspective on your own culture.

The journal entry should be at least 250 words in length. You should also include a title page and a references page.

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