who is le corbusier

Architect Selection:

You will be given an architect from the list above, you will then conduct general research

about the architect and bring it to class to discuss in small groups. (week 1)

  1. In depth research : (week 2/groups of 4)
    Conduct in-depth research of your specific architect looking at :
    1- education background- who was the architect influenced by?
    2- theoretical approach?
    3- attitude towards industalization?
    4- attitude toward the importance of function in design?
    5- attitude towards the importance of the nature in design?
    6- attitude towards the importance of the expressing time, place, culture in design?
  2. Case Study analysis: (week 3/group of 4) CHOSEN CASE STUDY VILLA SAVOYE
  3. Choose 2 edifices designed by your architect ( one per team member) and analyze: 1- Concept
  4. 2- Form
    3- plan space layout
    4- martials used
    5- indoor/ outdoor relationship & relationship to the site 6- structural work

By the end of your research you will need to submit

  1. Research showing your architect’s theories and methods,
  2. Visual analysis of the cases – must include written explanations
  3. Conclusion of your study.
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