business law 110


(a) Critically explain the objectives and importance of agency law and why it is important for the Oman economy, quoting relevant Oman Royal Decree.

(b) Analyse the structure and contribution of the Oman Court and Legal System, quoting relevant Royal Decree.

Q2. Discuss utmost good faith and disclosure in insurance law, quoting relevant Oman Royal Decree. Critically explain why it is important to have insurance cover

Q3. Critically explain unfair labour practice, and how Oman labour law prevents unfair labour practices, quoting relevant Oman Royal Decree and Article of Oman Labour Law. You must interview a human resources manager of a company of your choice in Oman, and ask him/her five questions about his experience with issues to do with unfair labour practices and record and critically analyse those answers. The interview script must be attached at the end of the report. Also mention who was interviewed and the name of the company. (you can assume an interview took place and create questions/answers and attach an interview script at the end of the report)


(a) Critically analyse the statement, “Protection of intellectual property encourages creativity, innovation and breathtaking inventions.” Discuss this in relation to World Trade Organisation (WTO) and Oman intellectual property law provisions quoting relevant Royal Decree.

(b) Critically explain tort law and why it is important for society. Give a detailed example of the application of tort law in Oman.

Q5. Critically explain six aspects of a valid contract and how contracts lead to orderly commerce, quoting relevant Royal Decree? Give a relevant well explained Oman company example to support your answer.

** You are required to use At least 10 relevant Scholarly Articles in the body of the report.

** A PDF file will be attach that contain 4 links for each question.

** Total word Count = 2000 maximum. (not including References)

** I dont want the paper to be excellent, very good is enough for me.

** In-text Citation 2-3 in each question.

** Referencing should be in CU Harvard style.

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