i need to create a webliography about europe in the 1840s explain the main elements of social conflict in europe during the 1840s

A webliography is a list of electronic documents found on the internet that relate to a particular subject. In this assignment you will select a time period, location, or topic that we have discussed in class, and find FIVE quality web pages that relate to it. Approved sites can be found using some of these links:

Site Name

Site URL

Site Description

World History Archives


Organizes links geographically and topically, presenting a balance to Western-centered history.

World History Compass


Organizes annotated links geographically and by subject, and includes countries often underrepresented on such sites.

World History Matters


A large index that gives thoughtful evaluations of Web sites in many areas and eras of history except for the United States.

History Matters


U.S. Web sites are evaluated

Directory of Historical Resources


An extensive database of Web sites relating to history and historical research.

These lists are ever changing, and due to the nature of the web, some of them may go dead or change locations. If you encounter a dead link, try finding it elsewhere, or look for a related site.

Begin with an introductory paragraph describing your time period, location, or topic. Then include an overview assessment in your own words of the five web sites you visited with an argument as to their quality (effectiveness, significance, detail, information, design, etc.)

The next 5 paragraphs will discuss each of your selected web sites in succession. Each paragraph will include the URL address, title, authorship, description, and your overall analysis of the site’s significance.

Conclude your paper with a paragraph recommending the best site you encountered and why. The webliography is at least three double-spaced pages of text (Times New Roman, font size 12), not including front or back matter.

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