read this four article and follow the requirement and example finish the essay

article 33 Body Rituals Among the Nacirema…

Article 34 “Why Can’t People Feed Themselves”…

Article #37 “The Price of Progress”…

Article 40 We Are Going Underwater”…

Sample Page for the each article:

1. Title and Number of the Article

2. Briefly state the main idea of this article.

Example: This article discusses why Mary Carpenter is an excellent student (Be specific, precise, and to the point.)

3. List three important facts that the author uses to support the main idea.


a. She does not procrastinate and completes her weekly assignments on time.

b. She pays attention in class and does not send and receive text messages under the desk.

c. She asks relevant questions and participates in class discussions.

PS. That she has brown hair, like suspense films, and that she has travelled extensively is a fact, but you do not mention these because it is not relevant to the MAIN POINT of the article.

4. What information or ideas discussed in this article are also discussed in your textbook or other readings you have done or videos you have watched? List the textbook chapters and page numbers if your reference is a reading source.

I will upload an example previous work into the files, please check and follow

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