reading articles and writing essay 750 words

Could you follow this instruction for the essay?

Instructions for Writing the Essay Question:

(See checklist at the end of this document)

(You will lose points if you fail to follow these instructions)

  1. Choose one question to answer from the options provided below.
  1. The essay must be word-processed, double-spaced, paginated, no less than 750 words and no more than 850 words.
  1. You must have a separate title page on which you include your name, date, descriptive essay title that clearly indicates the topic, question/prompt number, your LIB 133 section and instructor’s name, and the word count for your essay.The title page and works cited page text do NOT count towards the word count.
  1. Your essay must have a thesis statement and be organized thematically, not by readings.
  1. You must answer all parts of the question in order to get full credit for the essay.
  1. Sources:
    1. In your essay, you must use specific and substantive examples from at least three readings from Units II and III of the Spring 2018 course syllabus. You must use at least two readings from Unit III. You may use additional sources but only after you have used three readings from Units II and III.Please refer to the individual prompts for additional information on source requirements.
    2. You may also incorporate additional examples from documentaries and class lectures in your essay.
    3. Films and film transcripts do not count as readings. However, the films are an important educational tool in the course and thus content may be used as examples. The significance of examples from the films must be supported by, or be in support of, your analysis of the essay question and readings.
    4. PowerPoints do not count as readings, and information in them should not replace information that is in any of the readings.

Take-Home Essay Question Choices (choose one):

Submit your essay to AND hard copy to your professor at the exam.

See instructions regarding sources, above and in the individual prompts.

  1. In his TedX talk, Sam Killermann says, “Our view of gender as a binary is sick.” Using at least 3 readings from Unit III, explain why Killermann and other authors from this unit view the traditional gender binary as problematic.
  2. In our last unit, we discussed Dr. Harold Freeman’s argument that in the U.S., we view society through the “lens of race.” Does American society also view people through a “lens of gender” and a “lens of class”? What are some of the consequences of viewing people through these lenses? Use at least 3 readings from Unit III in your response.
  3. Ana in the film “Real Women Have Curves” provides a fictional example of a young woman struggling with her identity in terms of class, gender, and ethnicity. Using at least 3 course readings from Unit II and/or Unit III of the Spring 2018 syllabus (at least 2 readings should be from Unit III), show how Ana’s experiences illustrate and expand your understanding of at least two of these social categories.
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