research powerpoint presentation discussion and feedback

Last week you completed the first draft of your paper. For this assignment, I want you to create an 8-slide PowerPoint presentation of your research topic. This is a good way to get more feedback this time from your classmates. This is not your paper in PowerPoint. Give a brief explanation of your project and then create slides that cover the main points of your paper. The presentation must have 1) a Title Slide, 2) one slide that gives a brief summary of your paper, 3) five slides that give the main points your paper will cover, and 4) a Reference slide with all your sources in APA format. If you have more sources that fit on one slide, use two, or three, whatever it takes. I have a PowerPoint Presentation with all the requirements for this assignment. PowerPoint Instructions Post your presentation to the LP07 Research PowerPoint Presentation Discussion and Feedback discussion thread. You and your classmates will provide feedback to each other in the next assignment. Additionally, submit your presentation to your instructor via the dropbox “LP07 Assignment: Research PowerPoint Presentation.”

This assignment addresses the system assessment for a writing intensive course.

For this assignment you will respond to four of your classmates’ presentations which were posted in the LP7 Research PowerPoint Presentation Discussion and Feedback discussion thread. The responses must be 30 words in length and must address the content of the post, what you like and if you have any constructive criticism. Responses must be POLITE. Each response is worth a maximum of 5 points.

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