use the 3 subtitles as a frame and few articles as the source write a 4 pages essay use apa format

I will post a specific requirement file named file 1. Basically, it is about writing a paper.This paper should contain: 1. Introduction: This is where you introduce the general topic, some of the larger guiding issues, most evident in the source texts, and your main point/argument. Again, the example in the textbook is something to consider while working on your draft. 2. Body: The narrative should focus on ideas (do not list articles) from the texts that support your thesis. Draw on authors’ viewpoints using paraphrasing, summary, or direct quotations accurately. Demonstrate how authors think alike or diverge from one another’s point of view. 3. Conclusion: This is where you round up your essay. Be sure to recapitulate your thesis and identify further implications about the topic.

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