written assignment annotated bibliography

Written Assignment: Annotated Bibliography:

Creating annotated bibliographies is an important skill for a K-12 ELA teacher. It is a skill that you will need to teach your students, and to do this you must be able to model it effectively. Before you can do this, however, you must understand what an annotated bibliography is, and why it is helpful. An annotated bibliography includes two parts: the bibliographic citation and an annotation. In the MAT program, you will always use APA style for your citations. Generally, the annotation includes a summary of the source, a brief assessment, and a reflection, although this can vary depending on the specific purpose.

Gather Sources

For this assignment, you will begin by selecting at least five sources. These five sources include:

  • Two of the articles you read in the previous module.
  • The reading in Wilhelm on backward design.
  • Two additional articles or book chapters on Understanding by Design.

Summarize and Reflect

After you have identified your five sources, create an annotated bibliography that includes the following:

  • An APA style citation of each source.
    • List these alphabetically by the authors’ last names.
  • A one-paragraph summary of the source.
  • A one-paragraph discussion of how the information provided by the source will help you in your career as a K-12 ELA teacher.
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